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The Green Gecko Project is an umbrella organisation that provides long term health, education and training initiatives for 100+ children and their 32 families, and the broader community. Moving with the times and meeting needs as they arise has always been one of Gecko’s greatest attributes.
Other than the original Gecko Central and our Outreach Program, we now have five new projects under our umbrella that reaches far beyond the Green Gecko gates; including our Women’s Village, Tiger Club Day Centre, Gecko Action – Humanitarian Youth Group, Young Adults’ Program and five social enterprises including Rehash Trash - Vocational Training for Women, Grace Gecko - Vocational Centre for Women, Purple Mango - non-profit wellness centre, Silk Screen Printing Lab and Footprints Permaculture Farm. It goes way more than being a centre for children.

Green Gecko strongly believes that the long-term success of each child is strongly reliant on having long-term solutions for their families. And so, Rehash Trash, borne out of a ‘sustainable families' forum' led by the students for their parents, was developed to provide a steady income in a safe and happy environment for their mothers, women who had never had the chance in life to know what it was like to have a steady job that was neither degrading or dangerous. It needed to be easy - as some of the mothers suffer from disabilities, others from addictions and other symptoms of poverty and abuse – and it had to be cheap, with minimal or no raw material costs. The result was Rehash Trash, a daily workshop that turns dirty roadside rubbish into beautiful household and fashion items. Sadly, in Siem Reap, raw material is in abundance - discarded plastic bags can be seen everywhere, on the roadside, in gardens, rivers and fields. But, at Rehash Trash, we are helping to clean up our environment by collecting some of that rubbish and up-cycling it into useful and beautiful products… while at the same time, changing and empowering the lives of our mothers and their families. Each of the women attend a morning workshop 5 days a week, which ends in an engaging Khmer literacy or English language class, where our mothers are learning the Khmer alphabet and how to read and write for the very first time, and to master basic spoken English.

Every week the mums also take it in turns to run smaller workshops in our own shop in central Siem Reap, giving them the opportunity to teach visitors the crochet skils that they have learned, which is a hugely empowering interaction for them. The women also have the opportunity to see their own products display beautifully and being sold to the public, and they are delighted to receive customer feedback and praise on their work. They are involved in every step of the Rehash Trash process, from the collection and washing of plastic bags; to the preparation and crocheting of products; to promoting Rehash Trash in Siem Reap. Rehash Trash... a social enterprise which is providing a sustainable future not only for Gecko children and their families, but also helping to clean up the environment of Siem Reap. Products [link to catalogue + details of online shopping] To make an order or for any further information:
facebook | email | phone: 017482952

Footprints Farm is a flourishing permaculture farm of various vegetables, fruits and roaming animals. Not only does the farm deliver fresh, chemical free food for Gecko, it also provides an outdoor classroom for all of our students, and employment and training opportunities for the local community and our young adults. Even the mothers at the Women’s Village now have their very own ‘plot of land’ to grow fresh, chemical free vegetables and herbs. facebook


Purple Mango Wellness Centre is Green Gecko’s latest non-profit social enterprise that provides treatment spaces for visiting and local practitioners from all forms of holistic therapies. Services provided are primarily offered to the expat community using an affordable fee structure, which then enables us to offer treatments to the Khmer community on a donations basis, depending on what the individual can afford. Included in those treatments is a weekly dental clinic, offering fundamental dental care not only to the Gecko family but also to our extended Khmer community through our partner NGO network. At Purple Mango we are also striving to create a much-needed new generation of therapists and healers, and we invite our practitioners to hold training programs and workshops to inspire young Khmer people to train in these areas.To make a treatment booking or for any further information: facebook | email | Tel: 017482952


A collaboration between three amazing ventures… Green Gecko Project, Route 6 Cambodia and the Silk Screen Lab, the Silk Screen Printing Lab is a successful Green Gecko’s latest social enterprise. Not only are we producing quality t-shirts for Siem Reap and abroad, we are delivering fun and creative one-off workshops for local Khmer children, visitors and expats. facebook

:: GRACE GECKO - Vocational Centre for Women

Joining forces with Grace House Community Centre, Grace Gecko is giving hope and skills to vulnerable women. Our mothers are beautiful women, who, with support, can provide for their family. Alongside Grace House mums, our Gecko mums are learning the latest weaving techniques and creating everything from bags to hammocks, using the best natural materials and under fair working conditions. facebook







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