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Green Gecko's holistic program not only includes the cost of caring for and educating 70 former street children at our centre, but also incorporates our outreach work with 32 families, along with community development collaborations with other organisations working in Cambodia.

Gecko programs

  • Khmer education
  • English education
  • Activities program
  • Sports and culture program
  • Further education and training
  • Health and medical care
  • Nutrition and hygiene
  • Adolescent sexuality and relationship education

Outreach programs

  • Alcohol and addictions counselling
  • Domestic violence counselling
  • Nutritional support and rental assistance
  • Educational support for siblings
  • Health and medical care
  • Women's health workshops
  • Child abuse awareness and protection
  • Adolescent sexuality and relationship education for young people in Siem Reap

Our outreach work

Green Gecko's family outreach program offers psychosocial support to the Gecko families, who have themselves been victims of violence, trauma and abuse. Our program looks at the interrelation of social factors and individual thoughts and behaviours. It aims to ease families into healthier, more sustainable lifestyles by helping them reduce the harms associated with the ways they currently cope with their past and present issues. The outreach program offers counselling and support to work through problematic alcohol and drug use and problem gambling, which so often lead to debt, domestic violence and family breakdown.

Our outreach program provides monthly rental assistance and weekly nutrition packs (including rice, meat and fresh vegetables) to Gecko families. We aim to replace this with income generation where possible, offering vocational training and microbusiness opportunities for parents, and also hiring parents for employment at Green Gecko.

Amongst our Gecko families:

  • The literacy rate is just 6%
  • 54% are landmine amputees and have other disabilities
  • Domestic violence and abuse occurs in 54% of our families
  • 61% have problem gambling issues
  • 57% abuse alcohol and other drugs
  • 100% live below the poverty line

Medical support for families

Recognising that health care is out of reach for many of our families, Green Gecko supports the medical costs of our parents and siblings. Medical support also helps to prevent families turning to crime or trafficking people into begging rings, forced labour and the sex industry in order to meet unavoidable debts.

Education sponsorship for siblings

At Green Gecko, we recognise that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for our families. Sponsoring education fees, uniforms and related costs to ensure our Gecko siblings can attend Khmer school is an important step in preparing the next generation to make positive choices and lead healthy and productive adult lives. With the support of our
Gecko friends, we are hoping to expand our education sponsorship in the near future.

Sexuality amd relationships education for young people in Siem Reap

Children are only children for a short time before they need to take responsibility for their adult lives. Delivered by Maryknoll, Knowledge And Reflection On Life & Sexuality Through an Holistic Approach (KAROL&SETHA) prepares young people to have responsible, happy and stable relationships by working with the whole person - body, heart and mind - and actively promotes safe sex as a part of the Maryknoll's fight against HIV/AIDS. Daring to break the traditional silence, true communication of needs and feelings is the program's fundamental tool.

Sustainable projects

  • Silk Screen Printing Lab
  • Food farm
  • Grace Gecko Vocational Centre for Women
  • Visitors' centre and shop
  • Bokator performances

The Gecko gift shop

Green Gecko Fundraising is a small Australian registered business run by Green Gecko volunteers who not only manage and develop the Green Gecko online gift store; but aim to provide administrative assistance for Cambodian charities AND donate 100% of what's left over directly to the Green Gecko Project through the Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund.

The proceeds of Green Gecko Fundraising free up donations by covering expenses like product development, airfares, financial assistance for full time volunteers, fundraising and administrative expenses. From a delicious and vibrant Green Gecko cookbook to a groovy gGecko cap, when you buy from the Green Gecko Gift Shop, you are giving in more ways than one!



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