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proud to be a certified Child Wise Child Safe Organisation™

Child Wise Child Safe Organisation™ | Executive Summary

Green Gecko has satisfied all the requirements to be certified as a Child Wise Child Safe Organisation™.

Green Gecko has developed a Child Protection Policy that incorporates all the steps in the Handbook and clearly articulates the child protection procedures and commitments of the organisation. Staff members are trained on the Child Protection Policy and Child Wise found that this training was effective and staff members had a firm grasp on the content of the Child Protection Policy.

Similarly, Green Gecko has developed a Code of Conduct for Staff members; a Code of Conduct for children; and a Code of Conduct for visitors.  The Codes are clear and easy to understand. The Code of Conduct is displayed in an appropriate place, ensuring all personnel are aware of expected behaviours, and thus reducing the risks of abuse within Green Gecko.

Green Gecko should be commended on its commitment to child protection and child safety in all its activities and its policies. Both management and staff members have a comprehensive understanding of child abuse and the measures in place to protect children from violation of their rights. In particular, Child Wise was impressed by Green Gecko's commitment to ensuring children participate in all issues that directly affect them. This commitment has allowed children to have their views respected and are empowered to make positive decisions.

In relation to child safety, empowerment of children is essential as it encourages children to speak up if they are subject to abuse or exploitation and is considered one of the most important factors in strengthening child safety in an organisation.

In particular, Child Wise was inspired by Green Gecko's use of the 'Living Values' program which, as described on the Green Gecko website:

Children are only children for a short time before they must take responsibility for the rest of their lives as adults.

Living Values equips our eldest Geckos - physically, emotionally and mentally  -  to spread their wings with positive self-assurance. When the time comes to leave Gecko, they will be ready to take on the world.

Child Wise Cambodia

Child Wise Cambodia is a child protection organisation committed to the prevention and reduction of child abuse in Cambodia, specialising in the sexual abuse and trafficking of children. Their programs are specifically child-focused and are informed by a fundamental belief that children have a right to physical and psychological safety.  Child Wise’s vision is a world where children live free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

For more information about Child Wise's work in Cambodia, check out their website at

Child Wise | Certification of Child Safe Organisation



Child Wise

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