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kids helping kids

Want to learn more about the lives of the Gecko kids? This series of short films has been designed for our friends around the globe, and will give you an insight into Cambodian culture and life in Siem Reap, through the Gecko kids' eyes.

Teachers can download suggestions for classroom activities next to each film, as well as a list of related resources here.

Flag of Cambodia
flag of cambodia
Map of Cambodia
map of cambodia
Numbers in Khmer
numbers in khmer
The Cambodian krama
the cambodian krama
Resources for teachers
resources for teachers


Check out our YouTube channel at and don't forget to share our Gecko films with your friends, too!

Kim Suan's story
kim suan's story

Find out where the Green Gecko journey began on the streets of Siem Reap as Kim Suan shares her story.

Learn about Cambodia's recent history under the Khmer Rouge and some of the social issues facing Cambodia today. See how the Gecko kids and families are turning their lives around in this inspiring story.

:: Download Kim Suan's story resources for teachers
:: Watch Kim Suan's story on YouTube
Green Gecko
green gecko

Green Gecko is a home, school and family for 70 children who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Check out where the kids now eat, sleep, learn and play, and enjoy a day in the life of the Gecko kids today.

:: Download Green Gecko resources for teachers
:: Watch Green Gecko on YouTube


The Gecko kids bring Cambodian culture and traditional stories to life, using colour and creativity to represent the bas reliefs that feature on the walls of the Angkor Wat.

Let the kids share their artworks with you, and learn more about the stories behind Angkor, the home of the Khmer Empire and the largest religious site in the world.

:: Download Temples resources for teachers
:: Watch Temples on YouTube

Cambodian arts
cambodian arts

Explore the magic of Cambodia's traditional arts as the Gecko kids take you on a journey through martial arts, music and dance.

Watch the graceful moves of the apsara dancers and marvel at the strength and power of the bokator fighters as you enjoy the new sounds of Cambodia's different instruments.

:: Download Cambodian arts resources for teachers
:: Watch Cambodian arts on YouTube


Many colourful fruits and vegetables fill the markets of Siem Reap. You might be able to spot some of them in your very own lunch box, but what else is out there that you haven’t tried?

Join the Gecko kids as they jump into a tuk-tuk to sample some of the delicious delights of their local market, Psar Leu… let’s go shopping!

:: Download Markets resources for teachers
:: Watch Markets on YouTube

A big THANK YOU to our superstar volunteer filmmaker Gemma Steller for her dedication and commitment to sharing the Gecko kids' stories, and to our fantastic friends at Clemenger and Porter Novelli for capturing Kim Suan's story on film.



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